2st Hazelnut Council

National Hazelnut Council 7-10 November 1955 Giresun


Conversion Credits:

1-Struggle workmanship, medicine costs, harvest cleaning of the garden, threshing and drying works, transportation costs and conversion credits are considered.

2-Converting loans are given in October or November, the second installment in April, and the third installment in July.

3-In maturity of the conversion loans, the maturity is one year, not to exceed the first harvest season.

4-Increasing the facility acquisition, improvement and equipping loans to 50 decares and the promotion of a normal agricultural placement within the local Agricultural Banks within a floating thousand lira and a maximum of two thousand lira.

5-It has been deemed appropriate to consider the credits to be given in order to cover the costs of the operations to be carried out to bring the re-blend place to the body.

6-Alelum should be provided to pay the installments after the last installment year.

7-Installment terms should be determined as September and October, according to local characteristics.

In addition to these, hazelnut bank and legal sanctions, which were held in the congress, were also discussed:

Hazelnut Bank:

1-The establishment of the bank is essential for the full evaluation of the hazelnut crop and for the quick and easy work of the clerk and merchant. It was decided by alliance to establish a hazelnut bank as soon as a joint stock company by establishing an organization in the district centers of hazelnut region, with its headquarters in Giresun, as a joint stock company.

2-The draft law required for the cultivation, preservation and evaluation of hazelnuts was prepared by considering the points that the hazelnut and trader are obliged to respect in terms of the value of the hazelnut above, and it is decided to supply it to the upper authorities.

Common Part:

1-Hazelnut congress to be held every three years and the determination of the venue by the Ministry of Agriculture;

2-Forming a hazelnut committee in the Attorney of Agriculture with the participation of the relevant organizations and meeting the committee at least once a year:

3-To participate in the annual public congresses of Fiskobirlik, the Deputy of Agriculture and one member of the Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University;

4-The rejection of the proposal made at the General Assembly meeting regarding the inclusion of hazelnut shells in the area of fuel in the region;

5-Congress Agricultural Workers Association by participating in Turkey’s Agriculture Ministry memorandum to be sent as an attachment to this decision;

6-It was jointly decided to send the Congress report and decisions to the relevant organizations and institutions by having them signed by the Attorney of Agriculture.

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