3st Hazelnut Council

The 3rd National Hazelnut Council was held on October 10-14, 2004 in Giresun. The Organizing Committee, acting from the problems of hazelnut, which we have a 75% share in world production due to the wrong policies applied in hazelnut in other periods, calls for participation in all hazelnut-related circles made. In the article sent with the call for participation, it was pointed out that hazelnut was declared as our first and only national crop in the period of Ataturk and that the first producer association, Fiskobirlik, which was the first producer association, was established and later Hazelnut Research Information was given on the establishment of the Hazelnut Station, which turned into an Institute. Since the hazelnut-related circles are approached with political logic in the following periods, it is claimed that the hazelnut kernel, which has not yet been ranked third, should be done today, even the tenth, even the twentieth.

For the 3rd hazelnut, which was held at the Giresun Special Provincial Administration Culture Palace, a Regulatory Board consisting of 70 non-governmental organizations, 8 political parties and around 20 media representatives has been established, and it has been stated that it is planned to bring essential solutions to the hazelnut problems by receiving notifications about hazelnuts from all segments and especially universities. Following the conclusion, a final declaration has been published. This final declaration published consists of 29 articles and briefly includes the following.

– Rearranging the hazelnut planting system to improve efficiency and quality

– To give importance to scientific techniques that will not disrupt the quality and standard in the newly established gardens.

– Increasing promotion activities in domestic and foreign markets

– Creating a database for instruments that affect and shape domestic consumption

– To establish a team of 8 people within the Ministry of Agriculture for the determination of hazelnut harvest

– Implementation of Law No. 2844 on the identification and limitation of hazelnut planting areas

– Taking measures to prevent aflatoxin formation at harvest time

– The protein and fats contained in hazelnuts are important for human health, and hazelnuts should be consumed in daily meals.

– It is necessary to sell the products developed by establishing a health unit in hazelnuts as drugs to pharmacies.

– Establishment of a hazelnut top board that will guide the work of all the hazelnut cuts.

– Giving the necessary importance to ecological hazelnut production

– Aflatoxin rate concerns the export amount of hazelnut very closely. In this sense, attention should be paid to the rate of aflatoxin determined by the EU.

– The use of new technologies should be encouraged to store hazelnuts.

• Creating a National Hazelnut Policy
• Transition to the licensed warehouse system
• Establishment of Hazelnut Exchange
• Hazelnut Research Institute should be modernized.
• Export of hazelnuts as raw materials, not processed as raw materials, with increased added value
• Increasing the efficiency per unit
• The establishment of “World Hazelnut Center”
• Hazelnut fairs should be organized
• Amendment to the Inheritance Law to prevent hazelnut farms from breaking down and shrinking by inheritance
• Implementing state subsidies for the 1st standard region
• Implementation of the Agricultural Insurance System, including hazelnuts
• Making the incentives given for the products that will be produced instead of hazelnuts under the alternative product more attractive.
• Nuts must be supported

In summary, the final declaration we gave above was forwarded to all institutions and organizations on the subject, and the 3rd National Hazelnut Council ended.

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