Quality Policy

The Ordu Commodity Exchange commits that carrying out its activities within the framework of this quality policy, ensuring on-time and quality service for the members based on the satisfaction of the members, developing solutions for the problems of the sectors it represents, preparing reports and to produce projects, supporting R&D and P&D projects, being an institution that constantly improves its personnel and infrastructure needs in accordance with the developing technology, communicating effectively with its stakeholders at local, national and international levels, and contributing to the fulfilment of global needs by producing projects, and providing services in a contemporary stock market understanding.

Human Resources Policy

The Ordu Commodity Exchange commits to employ considering the budget facilities and needs and to creating an effective personnel profile based on personnel satisfaction, which has become a part of the system, based on staff satisfaction, continuous employment and the continuous improvement of existing ones, and employment in the most suitable position.

Financial Policy

The aim of the Ordu Commodity Exchange financial policy; preparing the budget of the OCE based on the Law No. 5174 and the Budget and Accounting Regulation based on this law, counting the decompte definitif, ensuring the uniformity with the principle of transparency in the account and record order, ensuring all transactions are recorded, ensuring that financial statements are in accordance with the related accounting principles and legislation, establishing the principles, procedures and principles regarding the preparation and reporting of all financial records in accordance with internationally accepted standards, in on-time and correct manner.

Information Technology (IT) Policy

Systems and hardware related to the Commodity Exchange IT is our most important values. The Commodity Exchange commits to determining the appropriate usage conditions and forms of these values in strong security, to throwing the inappropriate usage forms out of the system and to protecting the system.

Communication Policy

The Commodity Exchange commits to following the feedbacks effectively based on the vision, mission and goals of the Ordu Commodity Exchange, the principle of work focused on member satisfaction by informing those who receive service from us and to all segments with which we interact. With this understanding, we commit to creating and developing cooperation to prioritize the common mind and to make all these activities measurable, analyzable.

Member Relations Policy

In accordance with the principle of work focused on member satisfaction, the Commodity Exchange commits to measuring member satisfaction with the criteria of suggestion, complaint and satisfaction notification, to ensure that the high satisfaction rate is sustained by making the necessary improvements.

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