President’s Message

The Ordu Commodity Exchange, founded in 1936, is keeping to provide services for 85 years. Our exchange, whose foundation constitution was signed by Atatürk, has been providing uninterrupted service since the day it was founded. Our exchange, which works with a focus on member satisfaction in accordance with the legislation in a modern exchange understanding, has been accredited since 2012 within the scope of the TOBB Accreditation System. In other words, it serves in compliance with the EU standards. While the Ordu Commodity Exchange defines, and plans its service processes, activities, and objectives, it measures its performance according to objective criteria and takes immediate action against risks. It does all this within a standard, systematically, by comparing it with the previous situation and with its stakeholders. It is the motto of the Ordu Commodity Exchange to institutionalize with a professional service approach.

The basic philosophy of this deep-rooted institution serving in Ordu, which is the most hazelnut producer in the world; is to carry the strong corporate memory to the future with today’s possibilities. In this process, leaving permanent works is to make projects that lead and show the way. Commodity Exchanges, which are “Professional Organizations in the Quality of Public Institutions” defined in Article 135 of the Constitution, provide public services in terms of their works and the revenues they generate are public revenue.

Ordu Commodity Exchange serves with this responsibility and sensitivity. Transparent, accountable, and principled service understanding is a flag that has been hand in hand since its establishment. Hazelnut is the most important listing item and Ordu Commodity Exchange is the leading stock market when evaluated in terms of transaction volume.

Hazelnut comes to the agenda with its many problems and mostly with its “price” aspect. Although “Commodity Exchanges” are launched as a scapegoat in this title, which is mostly a victim of populism, the business and transactions of the stock exchanges are carried out on the basis of the law numbered 5174 and the regulations issued based on this law. The business and transactions of the Commodity Exchanges are clear and reliable. Especially the basis of price-oriented problems; It consists of production, marketing, and consumption patterns and basic structural weaknesses and deficiencies. Instead of seeing price as a problem right from the start, we consider it as the result of a series of problems. It is impossible to obtain different results with the same methods. That is why, starting from the production stage, a reform based on scientific principles that will reduce costs and increase quality and efficiency should be carried out. In order to earn more from a liquid product such as hazelnut and to stand out from the competition, it is necessary to produce the highest quality, at the most, and at the lowest cost.

– We have to admit that the production, harvesting, storage, and storage made by traditional methods and under primitive conditions is a serious problem. Today, when Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence are spoken and science goes beyond dreams, it is not sustainable to produce with only human labor. This reality, which raises cost items before the crop is harvested, should change with the vision of “Industrial Agriculture”. It is necessary to restructure as if it were at the point of the class, not again.

– Rural demographic structure has changed. The rural residence is no longer preferred. Especially within the scope of “Transformation Policies in Agriculture” organized after 2000, the migration of rural areas to cities has accelerated and agricultural lands have turned into enterprises visited only during harvest season. While this situation negatively affects quality and efficiency, it stands in the middle as a serious structural problem that increases costs. It is essential that new and profitable titles such as “Agricultural Management”, “Contracted Agriculture”, “Cooperatives” enter our production process with seriousness and effective control. The Ordu Commodity Exchange, approaching the subject with this point of view, produces and implements projects by including its stakeholders in the project office within its structure.

– Erasmus project, which is supported by EU funds on “Examination of Traditional and Modern Techniques in Hazelnut Production” implemented between 2016-2018, has been conducted with a local partner from Ordu Governorship, Ordu University, Altınordu Chamber of Agriculture, and a research institute from Spain and a university from Italy. In Turkey, Italy and Spain were studied species and techniques. At the end of the project, an exemplary garden was established within Ordu University, and the experience during the project process was documented in a book translated into four languages (Turkish, English, Spanish, Italian) and left as a legacy to the sector.

– Our stock exchange, which has a scientific and technical approach in the subject of “Licensed Warehousing”, which is an important title for the sector, made the “Ordu Province Licensed Warehousing Feasibility” supported by DOKA in 2019 and was published as a comprehensive report and presented to the use of the industry.

– Hazelnut is not only a product but a chain value from its shell to its slag and pruning waste. With this point of view, our project, which we prepared based on the idea of obtaining bioenergy from these residues, wastes, residues, was supported by DOKA and is at the preliminary examination stage regarding the result. “Ordu Province Biomass Energy Facility and Supply Chain Feasibility” will be prepared, prepared in a report with the most detailed form and analysis, and presented to the use of investors. After mentioning a few projects carried out by the Ordu Commodity Exchange, we would like to express that we are actively and sensitively involved in awareness studies on the prominent issues of the city and the country. Turkey Specialized Products Exchange Inc. (TÜRİB) and Licensed Warehouse A.Ş (LİDAŞ), the Ordu Commodity Exchange is also an agency of TÜRİB. Ordu Commodity Exchange, which has established its infrastructure in the name of spot exchange, prepares itself for electronic exchange as a requirement of modern stock exchange understanding.

The Ordu Commodity Exchange has been at its disposal alongside its state and its nation in good and bad days, illness and health, disaster, and joy, to the extent and within the limits of the legislation.

Ziver Kahraman
President of the Ordu Commodity Exchange

“Competition increases quality!”

The correctness of this general statement is possible with the establishment of profitability, which is the basic argument of business. While competition increases quality, profitability should increase depending on quality. In this reality, trading will become meaningful and trading will become a reputable profession. One of the main problems of the merchant profession in our country is that it is open to unfair competition and its profits fall day by day. When profitability has decreased, in the end, the loss is in question, and reputation is negatively affected. However, it is “Merchant is true to his reputation”.

Especially, as an outcome of the rapid economic change experienced after 2000, many businesses belonging to the same business line are concentrated in certain centers. This concentration should not be perceived as a “cluster” with optimal firm size. It is completely unrealistic. Modern norms that affect profitability such as investment location feasibility, size of investment (optimality), demand tendency directly related to demographic structure, stability and continuity, not affecting competition negatively, social responsibility, quality production, and service are not respected.

– Today’s dominant painting can be summarized as there are no public measures and sanctions that will protect the investors’ capital, keep their profitability at a sustainable level, and prevent unfair competition.

– While it is completely inconvenient for businesses with the same field of activity to concentrate in the same region, there is no legal infrastructure that includes strong sanctions to prevent this. Everyone can do any job they want by using the identity of “trader”. There is a structure where everyone can become a trader at any time.

– Today, serious norms have been determined for business administration in EU countries and other modern economies, and these norms are applied persistently. If we continue with the example in terms of clarity of the subject; The number of restaurant establishments needed in a district is determined by taking into account a number of criteria belonging to that district. These criteria are determined in a wide range, from the demographic structure to the economic profile of that demographic structure and the liquid circulation that takes place at that location. While the criteria and standards for that location were determined, the number of standards were also determined for the merchant who would open a business in that location. The merchant with the determined standards can open a business in the place with the determined standards. If there is a need for five restaurants in that location, it is never allowed to open another one. If you want to open a restaurant in that location, you have to wait for one of the existing ones to close or open a business in other locations in need.

In our age, accredited standards come into prominence in many goods and services, and it is emphasized that the standard means quality. While there are a serious perception and market at the point of establishing standardized goods and services, it is quite reasonable to demand some standards for the commercial profession, which is the cornerstone of economic life. While it is possible to standardize the number and follow-up of each egg, if the standardization of the follow-up of each bovine and / or ovine animal by wearing earrings is deemed necessary, it is a necessity to bring a standard to the merchant profession that guides our business world and forms its capillaries and main vessels.

– Periodically trading some products can be profitable. At this point, it is a matter of going beyond the main field of activity with the motive of earning more and entering those areas mostly unrecorded and creating unfair competition. If we give a more concrete example; Although the main field of activity is a grocery, in one corner of the grocery store, hazelnut, peanut-wheat-olive, etc. It can be seen that the purchase and sale are taking place. This absurd situation is and continues to be a problem not only for hazelnuts but also for many sectors. The fact that everyone has the opportunity to do any job has nothing to do with the principle of “trade is free”. Everyone should do what they are competent and certify to be competent.

– While we also have legal practices that will standardize trade and gain benefits, the issue should be on our hot agenda. While the laws and regulations on Professional Competence are examples of legal infrastructures that can be beneficial for the standardization of trade, it is necessary for them to certify that they have certain standards and these standards in order to open a business in professional groups such as barber and pharmacy, similar standards should be determined and operated for trade.

Taking advantage of the “Law on the Regulation of Retail Trade” dated 14.01.2015, numbered 6585, efforts to bring standardization to the trade profession should be initiated and the issue should be opened to discussion.

– In a more understandable expression; trades must be certified.

– What a pain it is; The history of many industries in this country is full of stories of collapsed businesses. No merchant establishes a business to bring down. Since the principle of profitability and quality has been disrupted due to unfair competition, the strength of the enterprises’ decreases, and the merchant profession also loses reputation. It is very simple to do; The commercial profession, which produces, sells, and constitutes the basis of the market economy, should be standardized and this standardization should be placed on a legal basis.

– One of the underlying factors for businesses to go bankrupt with loss is “wrong investment location choices”. Lack of standardization in investment location preferences also eliminates the profitability principle. The damages of the enterprises that go bankrupt by damaging are not only to themselves but also to all the person institutions and organizations that are related to the business.

– Today, there is no reliable database on the merchant profession and commercial activity. With the presence of a reliable database, it has not been determined in which sectors and in which locations how much investment will increase profitability and competition will not deteriorate. There are no scientific data available to guide investment decisions.

– In which part of a city, in which sector, and at what level the investment will be made should be included in the “Strategic Commercial Plan” to be prepared for the province and this plan should be decisive for the authorities that will allow the opening of commercial enterprises. Commercial Strategic Plan will consist of the commission for the preparation of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges across Turkey today has 1.5 million members should always be included.

– Serious penal sanctions should be imposed with other primary and secondary legislation to be prepared, especially the Turkish Commercial Code, for those who are established in violation of the Strategic Commercial Plan or who operate informally without being established. These attitudes of the enterprises that will not be formed by the Strategic Commercial Plan should be perceived as a crime that will require penal sanction and necessary actions should be taken by the Fourth Section of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 with the title “Unfair Competition”.

– Besides, there should be supports and incentives for businesses established duly and by the Strategic Commercial Plan. Established enterprises that choose informality or are outside the scope of the Strategic Commercial Plan should not benefit from these supports and incentives.

– All these applications are possible with continuous audits. While the relevant ministry can carry out these inspections personally, it may transfer its authority to perform inspections partially or completely to the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in the provinces.


While all the world is taking in the standardization process in all the fields, it is of course not possible the staying out of these standards in the EU integration process of Turkey. These days, when the chapters on the EU acquis are negotiated, are also an opportunity to set radical and contemporary standards for our work life. We believe that certain standards should be established regarding the trading profession, taking advantage of the Retail Trade Draft Law and the support of the Turkish Commercial Code.

The biggest problem with our business life today is unregistered employment and production. People have the opportunity to operate as a trader in the field they want. This opportunity is perceived as a “free market economy”. Essentially, this opportunity is the main reason that disrupts the free market economy, creates unfair competition, and negatively affects economic data. A standard should be set for the merchant profession and maximum care should be taken in applying this standard.

Ziver Kahraman
President of Ordu Commodity Exchange

Amid the coronavirus epidemic, we offer your gratitude, gratitude, and respect to our healthcare professionals who fight tooth and nail and serve at the cost of their lives. We will survive these bad and scary days with their endeavor, knowledge, interest, and love for the people in their hearts.

We unconditionally believe and trust all of our healthcare professionals with the belief and trust of Great Atatürk “entrust me to Turkish physicians”. We think that all kinds of measures and incentives should be implemented to keep their motivation and morale high. Our country and the world will be saved from this epidemic in the light of science, thanks to science and healthcare professionals who implement science.

They stay in hospitals for us and we stay at home for them.

“Stay at home Turkey”

Ziver Kahraman
President of Ordu Commodity Exchange

As of yet September 1, 2018, “2018 Hazelnut Season” will begin.

I wish a fertile and prosperous season to traders, manufacturers, industrialists and exporters engaged in hazelnut, especially our productive producers.

Our exchange, which was founded in 1936, has been providing uninterrupted service since its establishment. Our stock exchange, the main quoted item of which is hazelnut, is a leading and visionary institution in terms of transaction volume.

We know the place and importance of hazelnut in our geographical structure and socio-economic life. In this awareness and awareness, we produce and implement projects that will value our product at every stage.

Hazelnut has gained an economic meaning and has brought along some problems since it came to the fore. These problems that we can gather under the main headings of “Structural”, “Production” and “Trade, Marketing”. It is also a sign that there is a system problem in the sector. All these problems can be solved within the free market by establishing a fully competitive environment. We, as a requirement of contemporary stock market understanding. We have also started the stock market project where the buyer and seller will meet with the principle of publicity. As our project is put into practice, an environment, where expectations will be met for all parties in the sector will also occur.

Turkey, though still the world leader in hazelnut production and trade, enlargement and continuous increase in productivity of plantation areas in competing countries; For us, the ageing of the gardens and the decrease in productivity are a serious threat. It is inevitable to use modern and scientific methods in hazelnut production and industry.

The agricultural business model imposes itself with its industrial agriculture techniques focused on R&D and P&D.

Although the problems are as high as the mountains, there is no alternative for hazelnuts for us. It shouldn’t be.

With the logic and belief of “we are the passengers of the same ship”, I hope that our country and those who connect their lives to this product by producing more and earning more will be enlivened.

Yours truly…

Mr. President of Turkey has attracted attention to the unemployment problem of the country and encouraged the businessmen to provide additional employment in the Economic Council, which has been held by the union of chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey on January 21st, 2019.

The promotion activities carried out by our exchange were approved by the ministers and institutions responsible for the economy and were published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

The Employment Campaign 2019 has been released to the public in the TOBB 9th Sectoral Economy Council, which has been held with the participation of the Minister of Finance Mr. Berat ALBAYRAK and the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, Mrs. Fatma Betül SAYAN on 25 February 2019

The government promotion, which was implemented with the slogan “EMPLOYMENT MOBILITY 2019”, have started to be implemented in the following titles and content.


Until the end of April, employers will receive subsidy support and tax support for each additional employment for 3 months, and the state will pay wages.


Employers will not pay social security subsidy and taxes for 12 months until December 2020. This support will continue for 18 months in the employment of women, youth and disabled workers. A higher amount of subsidy support will be provided for employment in the manufacturing and IT sectors.


The government pays the 3-month wages of the employees for the reduced time of the employers who have to temporarily reduce the working time of the workplace. In other words, the employers who have to lay off workers due to the short-term work take over the labor costs for 3 months. Applications will be made through İŞKUR.


Throughout 2019, employers, who employ less than 500 employees, will receive a 150.-TL minimum wage per worker, and employers, who employing 500 and more than 500 workers, will receive monthly minimum wage support of 101.-TL.


Employers, who pay SGK Premiums regularly, will receive a 5-point discount.


In 51 provinces, where are with priority in development, it will be discounted a 6 point in addition to the 5 point discount of SSI premiums, which must be paid by the employer.


On-the-Job Training Programs provide serious opportunities for employers and the unemployed.
. Trainees participating in On-the-Job Training Programs for 3 months

. For 6 months in manufacturing and IT sectors

. For 9 months in strategic areas such as Cyber, Security, Coding, Renewable Energy

Wage and insurance support will be provided by the Government.

Child care support of female participants, who have children between 2-5 ages, will also be provided by the government.


Within the scope of the Vocational Training and Skill Development Cooperation Project (MRGİP), vocational training courses are held up to 8 months. The state covers the wages and insurance subsidy of the trainees.

Price stability is one of the most important indicators reflecting the situation of macroeconomics.

After 2002, Turkey has achieved an important improvement in the financial and political stability along with price stability is ensured to fall to single-digit levels of inflation.

With the effect of the unusual movements in the exchange rates recently, the inflation rate has increased again to double digits.

Increasing inflation adversely affects both our citizens with reduced purchasing power and our firms due to increased input costs and interest rates.

In order to overcome all these problems, we find and support the Anti-Inflation Program prepared by our Ministry of Treasury and Finance and launched under the leadership of our Minister Mr. Berat Albayrak.

Because, neither the public sector alone or the private sector alone can combat inflation. Responsibility and duty pertain to all.

Fighting against inflation is also fighting against unemployment, high-interest rates, and rising input costs.

The Turkish private sector, with our state, has a total stance and puts its hand under the stone.

In this framework, TOBB and Chambers-Commodity Exchanges, as in every national issue, have common solidarity across the country in this regard.

Our Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in 81 provinces and 160 districts embrace the fight against inflation and initiate work for the broadest participation of our companies.

At this point, we would like to emphasize that the stronger support of this struggle is, the greater the effect will be.

From the financial sector to the real sector, so our citizens from the public, we must engage the same goal as all of Turkey.

If we all be one heart and one voice, we are sure that we will get results in the fight against inflation.

We firmly believe that both our companies and our nation will participate in the broadest total fight against inflation in the broadest way.

As the ORDU COMMODITY EXCHANGE, we request and welcome to support and participation of all our Chamber / Exchange members through our valuable press members.

I believe that as the province of ORDU, we will show the necessary sacrifice and this economic struggle initiated for our country and nation will be at the forefront.

We will leave behind this difficult process with this strong coordination and consultation between the public and private sector.

Sincerely yours,


Chairman of the Board


We welcome to the closing meeting of the 2-years-applied project of “in hazelnut production review of traditional and modern applications”, which has been conducted by our Commodity Exchange and supported by the National Agency of Turkey.

The project team will inform you about the project, which consists of Ordu Governorship, Ordu University and Altınordu Chamber of Agriculture as local partners and TUSCIA (TUŞA) University from Italy and IRTA from Spain as international partners.

It is said in an African proverb; “If the lions do not tell their own stories, we will listen to more hunter stories.” I want to tell you about our institution, Ordu Commodity Exchange and our project vision.

The Ordu Commodity Exchange was established in 1936 and has been providing uninterrupted service since its establishment. Our Exchange, which was a directorate within the Chamber of Commerce when it was established, has gained a detached structure today and has become an institutional and accredited institution with its own service building.

Our commodity exchange, which provides commercial security by tracking the products in its quotation from the production stage to the final stage with its 350 registered members, also creates robust and reliable statistics as it conducts document-based transactions. This also applies to the other 112 Commodity Exchanges across the country. With peace of mind, I can say that “Today, the most accurate and up-to-date statistical data about hazelnuts are created by Ordu Commodity Exchange.”

We immediately share all the data we have with our communication channels with the public. We have a transparent and understandable service standard.

As Ordu Commodity Exchange, we attach importance to making projects, with a particular emphasis on the issues in our job description. We also pay utmost attention to being a partner in projects related to our field of activity.

We believe that projects are magical tools for establishing corporate relations, and as we experience more, we comprehend. The ability of institutions to use their resources efficiently and grow by saving is related to their ability to produce and execute projects. We continue to produce and implement projects with the project office we have created within this understanding.

After completing the conducting of the project, we published a book translated into Turkish, English, Spanish and Italian languages. This printed book will be released to the public.

Within the scope of the project, we prepare a book, which includes the details information that is related to observations and applications of the mobilities of Spain, Turkey and Italy. In addition, we have created a sample hazelnut garden in Ordu University. We will visit the garden after this program. The garden will be allocated as a model for people, who want to create a garden in the future.

Dear Attendees,

Our main aim in our project titled “Review of Traditional and Modern Techniques in Hazelnut Production” and the other projects that we have prepared for this purpose is to draw attention to quality and efficiency in hazelnut. Today, when we check the problems in the sector, we encounter in generally the Price of the hazelnut. However, price is the result of many problems. In fact, the main factors that affect quality and productivity and increase costs are the main problems.

There are also a number of problems in the sector that interact with each other at the “Structural, Production, Marketing and Export” stages. We have to see the problems as a whole and take care of the solution process is also interactive. Although the projects we conduct have a vision of achieving better results, they are essentially aiming to get rid of these problems.

Hazelnut is a production and trade pattern that has no alternative, especially for our region. Believing in this reality, we have to deal with the subject on scientific grounds without populism. We have to be much more sensitive to a product such as a hazelnut, which is a leader in its production and trade, which directly affects the fate of a geographical region.

It should not be reduced the problems of hazelnuts just to “Price”. We agree that production and trade are made to make a profit to make money. Making a profit is like breathing. A commercial activity breathes through the profit and loss mechanism and thus it continues its existence. You cannot alive with just taking breathe without breathing out. In this case, it is useless to build the production and trade just on profit, and when you cannot make a profit, to become worse than to shorten the production and commercial life and to degrade its quality. Therefore, we have to be profitable.

We should know that there are profit and loss in the trade. We should also know that if we don’t attach importance to quality and efficiency and encourage branding, new and strong markets will be damaged.

Dear attendees, in short, are the reality of the high costs that put the price as a problem.

In this context, it is necessary to look at the titles that come to mind first and roughly to reduce the costs.

Agricultural management should be started. Average land size should be increased to profitable scale, methods such as land consolidation should become routine.

Industrial production techniques should be used and labor-intensive production culture should be abandoned.

An effective stock control system should be established.

New markets should be found and a brand should be created.

The final product with value-added should be produced. R&D and P&D should be focused on. Innovative investment and project intellection should be emphasized.
Producer organizations and / or cooperatives need to be implemented.
Elimination of structural problems and enactment of Hazelnut Law Disciplined markets where buyers and sellers come together, namely commodity exchange should be highlighted. As Ordu Commodity Exchange, we also run a project on “sales hall and Spot Exchange Operations”. In the short term, in line with the definition of the stock market, we will bring the structure that the buyer and seller will come together with the publicity principle to the sector.

Especially when our cost is so high in the production process and our efficiency is so low, it is impossible to satisfy the price to be formed satisfactorily.

We take care of to bring together all actors in the sector with a stakeholder perspective with the projects we implement. Making the producer and the merchant hostile to each other by targeting will not serve anything other than enlarging the problems. We also attach importance to R&D and P&D studies in cooperation with university and industry.

We are conscious of number of projects we implemented are not enough. Projects should be measured not by their budget size, but by their impact on the sector. We are looking for value-creating and sustainable projects.

One of the main arguments that will save institutions from focusing on people and events is having of project culture. In this understanding, I would like to thank our partners, who contributed and supported to our project, where we gathered to hold the closing meeting today. I would like to express my sincerity that we intend to be together again in such projects that lead to the culture of producing and sharing together.

Before I end my speech, I wish that the outputs of our project will bring benefits to our city and country. I would like to thank you once again for your participation and contributions, and I offer you all my deepest love and deepest respect.

Dear members!

My dear friends!

We are experiencing this honour and feel joyful over once again with your trust and favour. I thank each of you individually, God bless you.

This eximious institution, which we have been the manager of the last period, draws its strength from its valuable members. As it was in the past, we will continue to draw our strength from you. We will determine our road map with you and we will spend our energy on you.

Our election has been held. This is the result. We voted the election in the democratic environment. The result of the election is our freewill. No matter which side we used our free will, competition and race have ended after opening the ballot box, unity, togetherness and friendship have begun. We don’t consider elections as competition or struggle. This is a relay race. As you know well, we do not have any financial gain, we commit to providing service on a voluntary basis, so this is a heart business. It is not possible to break the heart in the works done heartfelt.

We are full of the joys of spring in the night and new period stand in front of us like an unopened book. Our projects are ready for this new period and we shared many of these projects with you. We will pick up where we leave off right away tomorrow.

We can’t thank our valuable members, who have heartfelt and support us at all events, enough.

Dear friends,

Even though there is a lot to be said, I would like to express my gratitude saying, “Day is the day of work, not the day of saying,” and I wish God to be our helper and help in this path we will walk together.

Thanks a lot!



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