Press Releases

We offer gratitude and respect to our healthcare professionals who break their neck and serve at the cost of their lives during the coronavirus epidemic process.

We will get rid of these bad and scary days with their effort, knowledge, interest and love of people in their hearts.

We believe and trust all of our healthcare professionals unconditionally in the belief and trust of Great Atatürk, “Entrust me to Turkish physicians”.

We think that all kinds of precautions and incentives should be implemented to keep their motivation and morale high.

Our country and the world will get rid of this epidemic in the light of science, thanks to science and health practitioners.

They stay in hospitals for us, so we stay at home for them.

“Stay at home Turkey”

Ziver Kahraman
The Chairman of the Ordu Commodity Exchange

Dear Press Members,

– Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
– Ordu Commodity Exchange
– Turkey bar association
– Confederation of Right Workers Unions (HAK-İŞ)
– Confederation of Civil Servants (MEMUR-SEN)
– Turkey Pensioners’ Association, Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK)
– Turkey Confederation of Trade Unions (TURK-IS)
– Turkey Confederation of Employer Associations (TISK)
– Turkey Public Workers Unions Confederation (PUBLIC-SEN)
– Turkey Association of Chambers of Agriculture (TZOB) and the Association of Industrialists and Businessmen’s ORDU (ORDUSİAD) as we’re here today.

By making this statement together with all the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges at the same time in 81 provinces, we are addressing to our country and the world public through you. Turkey, on 9 October 2019 on the Syrian border “Peace Spring” has launched the cross-border operation name. The aim is both to ensure the security of our country’s borders and to eliminate the terrorist corridor that poses a threat to our country and countries in the region.

It is to clear this region from terrorist organizations such as PKK / PYD / YPG and DEAŞ, to save the Syrian people from the oppression and persecution of terrorists, and to restore the environment of peace, trust and peace in the region. We are behind and supporting this decision of our state. Because Turkey has used its rights arising from international rules. Operation Peace Spring was launched within the framework of universal law and the United Nations Security Council’s anti-terrorism decisions and the right to self-defence in the UN Convention. Respect for Syria’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and political unity. Therefore, this operation is legitimate and complies with international law. Our country has been exposed to more than a hundred harassment and hostile action in the last two years, especially by the elements of the terrorist organization stationed beyond the border in the east of the Euphrates. These terrorist organizations organize attacks within Syria and against Syrians. The complaints and reactions of the local people in Syria against the increasing human rights violations, migration, harassment and persecution of terrorist organizations are constantly increasing. Everyone should now see that very well; We cannot be expected to remain silent against terrorist groups that kill innocent people and pose a threat to the security of our country. Firat Shield and Olive Branch Operations to start with all these ongoing operations in Turkey, the necessary response to the terrorist organizations and their supporters to serve in the most powerful way. At the same time, maximum attention is paid to the protection of civilians and innocents. We have already shown this in both Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations. Life returned to normal, peace and tranquillity came in the region where terrorism prevailed. We also prepared the ground for the return of Syrians who had to leave their homes. all the opportunities coming from Turkey’s hand is how to mobilize world public opinion for this region has seen. Because we believe that those who cannot reconstruct the world of hearts and people cannot reconstruct the earth.

We are being destroyed as Turkey, we were never in favor of oil, we will not. Our side is peace, peace, brotherhood. Turkey’s counterterrorism-oriented efforts, including ethnic and religious cleansing, the PKK criminal nature of crimes against humanity / PYD / YPG and pave the way for the return of Syrians have been displaced due to Dease actions, Syria’s territorial integrity and unity will contribute.

Therefore, every operation launched by Turkey, Syrian immigrants, oppressed and disadvantaged are supported by local people. In light of all these facts, we invite the international community to support our country by clearly showing their intentions to take a common stance against terrorism and to dominate universal human rights in this region.

Finally, we want everyone to know that. Turkey and the Turkish nation to the threat posed to Turkey’s economy, business and civil society, with the most beautiful and will give you an answer. These threats across this country of each individual, much more for the future of Turkey will work, will produce more. The day is not the silence, it is the day of giving a voice together and in a spirit of national unity. On the other hand, we call on all our citizens to be careful about information pollution and provocations, especially on social media. Those living in this region are our neighbors, our brothers. Nobody can destroy the law of brotherhood and neighborhood between us, who are members of the same civilization, the same culture, the same faith. Nobody can bring us mischief, nor can we make us enemies. Our prayers as Turkey’s business world and we stand by all of our hearts our state and our hero soldiers.

Our belief that our Turkish Armed Forces will destroy terrorist elements in the region and defeat terrorist organizations. We wish God’s mercy to all our martyrs, and their place should be heaven. We wish urgent healing to our wounded. May Allah Almighty protect our Soldiers and make our Army victorious. God speed us.

Unfortunately, we followed the severe criticism and insults made after the 15-TL market price announced in the price announcement places of our stock exchange on 19.08.2019.

– Establishment and operation of the Commodity Exchanges are regulated by Law No. 5174 and regulations issued based on this law.

– “Price Determination” and “Announcement” are regulated by Article 34 of Law No. 5174 and Article 71 of “Exchange Regulation”.

– Paragraph (b) of Article 34 of the Law No. 5174 titled “Duties of the Exchange” “To determine and announce the daily prices of the items included in the exchange in the stock exchange.” It contains the provision. Again, the first sentence of Article 71 of the Regulation on Transactions “The prices of the items treated in the stock exchanges and their branches are determined and announced every day.” It clearly states that the price determination and announcement does not depend on the arbitrariness and is one of the duties of the exchange. With this legal basis, price determination and announcement of exchanges are among their primary duties. No institution, person or organization should have an opinion that “Exchanges should not declare prices”. Price determination and announcement of exchanges are legal. It is our primary duty.

– What are the daily price determinations and how to make the classification are also regulated in the following paragraphs of the 71st Article of the Exchange Regulation?

– As Ordu Commodity Exchange, we determine and declare the “current year sales price to the merchant”. How to determine the price Determination in the Stock Exchange Regulation Article 71 (a) “The total and cost totals of the transactions of the same type of a substance and of the last crop year and made on the basis of the prepayment based on the prepayment basis are determined and price determination is made by dividing them together. ” It is regulated by the provision.

– While Ordu Commodity Exchange publishes TMO’s Support Purchase Price exactly as TMO declares, it determines and announces the market price depending on the positive documents from its members. (This method is also valid for other commodity exchanges.)

– The documents submitted to the Commodity Exchanges by the members / the members whose work is obliged to submit (invoice, producer receipt, delivery note, contract etc.) have the status of “Member Ownership”; Sharing with third parties is not legally possible. Information about real and legal persons are evaluated and stored within the scope of the “Personal Data Protection Law”. It does not have the right to put this data belonging to the members of the Commodity Exchange. It is a crime for exchanges to share such information and documents of their members.

– The first sentence of Article 32 of the Law No. 5174 titled “Obligation to Register on the Stock Exchange” Those who deal with the purchase or sale of the items included in the commodity exchange listing must register on the stock exchange of their location. Those who do not comply with this are registered on the stock exchange and notified to them. These member records to be made according to the occupational groups are kept up to date in the common database organized within the Ministry and the Union electronically. ” It has the provision. For this reason, we respect the positive documents regarding the transactions carried out by our members who have to register on the stock exchange.

– The criticisms that “they write prices by looking at the mouths of three or five” are groundless. Three or five people are the members of the stock exchange they call, and the number of documents or documents that reach the stock exchange at the point of price determination does not matter from which member. The important thing is that there is no misleading document in terms of its content and there is no suspicion of fictive transactions and at least one of the parties involved is a member of our stock exchange.

– Another claim is that the price was announced early. The data regarding the price announcement date and announced market prices of the past 10 seasons are as follows.


Season Price Declaration Date Decelerated Price (TL/KG)
2009 25.8.2009 3,20
2010 17.8.2010 3,60
2011 7.9.2011 6,10
2012 27.8.2012 3,80
2013 14.8.2013 5,80
2014 18.8.2014 10,20
2015 21.8.2015 11,30
2016 15.8.2016 11,00
2017 22.8.2017 8,50
2018 24.9.2018 12,00
2019 19.8.2019 15,00

When the table is analyzed, it is seen that the price was announced in September 2011 and 2018, in September, in the other seasons, on the 15th of August and the following days. This season was announced on August 19. This is also suitable for routine. It is not a new situation. “Hurriedly” price is not announced.

In the 2011 season, the price announcement date has dropped due to the last week of Ramadan Bayram and the first week of September, and the normal working hours will start on 05.09.2011.

In the 2018 season, a season ago (2017), the state announced a 10-TL price for levant quality nuts by TMO and entered the market in April 2017. The price was abolished after the price of TL 8,50, declared on 22.8.2017, was subject to similar claims as today. The instruction of the Minister of Agriculture of the period was effective in removing the price. With this instruction, the 2018 season was entered, and this time it was on the agenda to write the price with the instruction of the Ministry of Commerce, which was on 24.09.2018. As it is claimed, there is no customary explanation on or after September 1. Again, in the seasons when TMO announced a support price by announcing the base price, the support prices were compared with the market prices, and it was seen that this was the case.


Season TMO Price (TL/KG) Market Price
2007 (Levant) 5,15

(Giresun) 5,35

2008 (Levant) 4,00

(Giresun) 5,00

2017 (Levant) 10,00

(Giresun) 10,50


“Market Price” in the table is the starting price and not the season average. Costs constitute the basis of this difference between state support and free-market prices. In the free market, the product is circulated not to be bought and stored, but to be processed, supplied to the domestic market or exported. In all stages of this circulation, factors such as costs and international price course are cartons.

– The price of hazelnuts announced in the stock exchange is 50% efficiency price; When the efficiency difference is added to the 15-TL price, it is well known that the prices of 16.-TL and above in the free market will be reached. It is necessary to pay attention to this basic factor when evaluating stock market prices.

– The price announced by the Commodity Exchanges is not the support price. It is the price determined from the market. With the “New Hazelnut Strategy” launched in 2009, the state made a series of decisions on the way to withdraw from the hazelnut sector and dominate the free market conditions. This strategy aims to highlight market dynamics. This was his vision and mission. This strategy was implemented until April 2017. Or tried to be implemented, to be loyal. The start of re-purchasing purchases by TMO in the 2017-2018 and finally 2019 seasons has not eliminated or nullified the free market reality. The state has not entered the market to compete with free-market actors. The perception of the government’s support price as a market price or its response in the market is against the spirit of the free market economy. Of course, it is our wish that the support price may correspond to the market price. We would like to remind you that 20-TL is also written on the stock exchange price board. The Commodity Exchange reflects exactly what the price is based on market conditions.

– Another claim is that the free market price on Ordu and Fatsa Commodity Exchanges is determined and announced as 15.00.-TL, while 16.70 on the Wednesday Commodity Exchange. It is declared in TL. The price announced on the website of the Wednesday Commodity Exchange is the price announced at 11:10 on 19.06.2019. So it belongs to the previous season.

– The claims that the Commodity Exchanges come together and manipulate by influencing some members or circles are also not true. This is impossible both geographically and logically. The prices of the stock exchanges that spread across provinces and districts in a large geographic region have either the same or minor differences. This is not because they are manipulated, but the price of hazelnut, which is an export product, is determined by global norms. Our members are not together but in all our districts. Most of them do not know each other. Despite this geographical and even sociological difference, what would be the ground where they would come together and manipulate the price as claimed?

At this point, there is a solid logic error. In this way, it is talked about a huge geographical region and a power that manipulates an 8 million interlocutor according to some claims. Even with plain logic, the inconsistency and impossibility of the claims are obvious.

– Ordu Commodity Exchange is an accredited and institutional structure that has been providing uninterrupted services in the sector since 1936 and enforcing the regulations properly. Free market movements are obvious. The truth is evident when it gets rid of populism. This is a public service institution. We try to add value to the national economy in cooperation, not by contradicting state policies and leaders. Growth by the private sector is the main argument for development. When making some calculations, it is necessary to act responsibly and conscientiously while discriminating institutions, professions, and professions.

– We are here. We are at the beginning of our business. We have served and will continue to serve as required by the legislation. We do not have an account that we cannot give. We are not in any polemics, we will not be. We do not have an account with anyone, nor do we have any intimacy and resentment.

With respect to the public

Ordu Commodity Exchange Chairman

The training project titled “Alternative Financing Resources and Fund Management for SMEs” supported by the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (EBSDA) “Technical Support Program” and started by our exchange will start on 22 July 2019 and will end on 25 July 2019. Deputy Governor of the Army Mr. Ekrem Ballı, Deputy Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mr. Celal Tercan and Altınordu District Mayor Isa Hitaloğlu attended the opening day of the project.

Speaking at the opening, our exchange’s chairman, Mr. Ziver Kahraman, said the following.

“The most important element of economic life in the world and in our country are SMEs. SMEs are the capillaries of an economy; are the main heroes of the added value created in the production of goods and services.

The most basic qualities of SME;
– Employing 250 or fewer workers annually.
– It is a micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with an annual turnover not exceeding 250 million TL.

Even considering these most basic criteria, the density and importance of SMEs in the economy will be easily understood. Financing is an important instrument for individuals, SMEs and investors. As well as access to financing, the use of financing effectively and purposefully, and even alternative financing resources and management of the funds found is a sector in itself. Investments with a strong financial structure are at the core of production and obtaining high value-added products. Investment means capital accumulation, and capital accumulation and risk removal are possible through the identification and establishment of alternative financing sources. It is necessary to perceive financial funds and fund management as a financial science. It should not be perceived as “Fund Management” that the cash money is deposited in banks in national currency or foreign currency, and that it does not benefit from deposit interest or other fund advantages and does not participate in the production process. With this training we will organize, we aim to create a correct and wide-ranging awareness of the financial sector and fund management. I thank EBSDA for their contribution and leave the word to the trainee. ”

Turkey-EU Business Dialogue Grant Program “which we organize” University-Industry Collaboration and clustering “on informing and guiding our workshop was held in our stock on 05/10/2019.

Seddar Yavuz, Governor of Ordu, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. Mehmet Hilmi Güler, Mayor of Altınordu, Mr. Aşkın Tören, representatives of institutions and organizations and SME representatives attended. Speaking at the workshop, our Chairman of the Board Ziver Kahraman said:

I respectfully greet you on behalf of my institution, my council members and myself.

Dear participants!

While the world changes rapidly in intellectual and physical terms thanks to technology, the parties now reach each other much faster. “The world has now turned into a small village,” in the form of a cliché. Distances are no longer important. One of the quality criteria for goods and services was “Quick access”. The faster you access a good and service, the higher your satisfaction, and your tendency to qualify as “Quality” increases. Now the production process stands out from traditional molds. The same people now prefer to come together in the same geographical locations. This “choice” is in a sense the necessity of economic life that directs production and trade. Changing and developing conditions support rational competition that is effective and fair, not destructive, but makes each other life. The parties can win and grow their competitors by coming together with them instead of closing themselves, competing in public. The approach of gathering producers and supporters in the same line of business is the shortest and simple definition of “Clustering”.

The details of the subject will be entered by our very valuable teacher soon; I would like to briefly touch upon a few of the advantages of clustering.

– Competition of companies and their supporters together will bring a cost advantage to the companies in the cluster.

– Economics of scale will find meaning, investment and production at optimal scale will be in question.

– By gaining meaning in quality and efficiency, quality and high-efficiency production process will start. The contribution will be made to labor force and employment.

– Export and new sales techniques will develop, and the competitiveness of companies will increase.

– Technological innovations will find an immediate response and demand.

– The rules of local and global competition will be internalized and the game will be played according to its rule.

– The importance of R&D and P&D will increase, efficient and efficient use of resources will be established.

– All this is economic growth, economic growth is all about development.

As Ordu Commodity Exchange, we attach great importance to be in every project that will contribute positively to growth and development moves in the production and marketing process, and be aware of every project. While giving importance to University-Industry Cooperation, we are not in a blunder like waiting for the first of all moves from the university in this relationship network.

Universities are science producing centers and ours is; to demand scientific outcomes produced by universities and to apply them to economic life. It is not a correct point of view to see universities as responsible or inadequate because they are not taking action such as “serving those who have no demand”. We have carried out many projects with Ordu University and we still continue to do so. For the cluster model, we will benefit from our universities and their knowledge to benefit from scientific approaches. The locomotive of University-Industry Cooperation is the demand that the industry sector will put forward. With these kinds of workshops, the industry sector, in a sense, learns the demand methods by conducting needs assessment and analysis. While I put an end to my words here, I hope that our workshop, which we care so much, will bring good luck to our city and our country, and I offer respect to all of you.

In the hosting and coordination of our Exchange; With the participation of Ordu Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Ordu University Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Director of Hazelnut Research Institute and experts, experts of Fiskobirlik General Directorate, Thursday Chamber of Agriculture and TZOB Board Member, Altınordu Chamber of Agriculture, President of Keşap Hazelnut Producers Union, with its participation 09 April 2019 A joint mind meeting was held on Tuesday. In the meeting, which has been on the agenda of Brown Skunk, which has been on the agenda of our country and especially our region since 2017, the presentation of this pest, its damages and how we are at the stage of struggle were discussed.

It was pointed out that Brown Skunk, which causes great damage in Georgia, is a harmful insect and has much deeper damage with the bacteria it carries. It was pointed out that this beetle, which harms 300 agricultural products including hazelnuts, is one of the common Green Skunkier in our country and so it is not easy to distinguish because of its abundance. As a result, it turns out that an awareness study on the pest is essential.

As for the forms of struggle;
– Chemical control
– Biological control
– Quarantine application
Even though such methods are on the agenda, it has been understood that the ministry has not yet worked on a certified pesticide and is working on this issue. It was also noted that the results of the struggles in Georgia could not be achieved, and we were informed about the extent of the threat we face.

CONCLUSION: The threat covers being limited only to our province, the whole Black Sea. An awareness study was initiated by the National Hazelnut Council on the subject. In order to cover this study, it was decided to start a total awareness study by meeting with representatives of other influential institutions and organizations in the region.

Chairman of the Board

Precious Press Members,

Mr. President, our economy convention on January 21st at the TOBB Turkey As you will recall. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called for a new employment mobilization to the business world. Following this call of our President, our Treasury and Finance Minister, Family, Labor and Social Services Minister and TOBB President worked intensively for 2 weeks and prepared employment incentives. Legal arrangements for these have also passed through the Assembly and entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette.

TOBB President’s home on February 25, 2019, the Treasury and the Minister of Finance, Family, Labor and Social Services Minister with the room and with the participation of President of the Assembly Exchange President and our TOBB Sector “This is Turkey here Have Work” Employment Campaign with the slogan 2019 campaign was launched. Within the scope of Employment Mobilization 2019, 8 different incentives are offered to our business world and entrepreneurs and many of them are in the form of historical support. I will tell you about two of them that I consider particularly important. First; The government covers the wages, insurance premiums and taxes for 3 months of every additional employment you will provide until the end of April. The employer’s cost is zero during these 3 months. Our government will have met 3.134 TL including 2.021 TL fee and 1.113 TL insurance and taxes. The employer will have hired a new unemployed brother at zero cost from his pocket. During the next 9 months, our government will continue to pay insurance premiums and taxes. In other words, our state will meet at 1,113 TL per month. As employers, we will only pay the wages we employ. If the person to be employed is female, young and disabled, the 9-month period will be extended up to 15 months. Also, premium and tax incentives, which are 1.113 TL per month in the manufacturing industry and information sector, will be given as 2.712 TL. I call the business world from here. Come take advantage of this historical incentive. We would like to thank our government for implementing such an incentive. Secondly; A very important support was brought to our entrepreneurs who had trouble in their business for any reason. Thus, our state once again shows that it is with us in our troubled day. If an employer has had difficulties in their work, their activities have stopped or decreased; The salary of their employees is paid from the Unemployment Insurance Fund for 3 months under the Short Work Allowance. In other words, our state says to the employer that it does not disrupt order, keep employment. It is possible to reach all the details regarding all these incentives at

It is possible to reach ORDU COMMODITY EXCHANGE if there is an issue that comes into your mind. As regards these incentives, accountants and human resources managers of companies have great duties, as well as company owners and managers. We expect extra sensitivity from them in terms of understanding and implementing employment incentives. In the upcoming period, we will continue to hold employment incentive information meetings for our members with the participation of Governors, District Governors, Mayors, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services and the heads of local organizations and business organizations. We will congratulate our members who provide the most extra employment in our city every month. Look, in the employment mobilization in 2017, we joined hands as the public-private sector and provided 1.5 million additional jobs. There is nothing to do if the public-private sector went hand in hand. I invite all our business world and employers from here. We call out to every employer nationwide through you; Turkey’s confidence in the strength and future. Join the Employment Mobilization 2019 and take advantage of these historical employment incentives. At least one unemployed by hiring our citizens, and improve your business, and get your contribution to economic growth, as well as investing in the future of Turkey, could be the winner.

Yesterday’s big winners are those who invest in Turkey, was providing employment in Turkey. the most winners of tomorrow, today are investing in Turkey, it will provide employment for our people. We have never lost fertility and hope in this land, we will not lose it. To say hello to a fertile and hopeful day, we say there is work here, there is love here, there is future here.

I greet you with respect as ORDU COMMODITY EXCHANGE.

Chairman of the Board

January 21, 2019 Date of Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges conducted by the Association “Economic Council” as Mr. Chairman, our country from notably the business world experienced unemployment “additional employment providing” They requested and also depending on the commitments they receive, began working for the promotion of employment.

The incentive activities carried out by our mosque were approved by the ministers and institutions responsible for the economy and were published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. On 25 February 2019, “Employment Campaign 2019” was announced to the public in Ankara within the scope of the “TOBB 9th Sectoral Economy Council” held with the participation of our Minister of Finance Berat ALBAYRAK and our Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, Fatma Betül SAYAN.

The incentives implemented with the slogan “EMPLOYMENT MOBILITY 2019” have started to be implemented in the following titles and content.


– Until the end of April, employers will receive premium support and tax support for each additional employment for 3 months, and the state will pay wages.


– Employers will not pay social security premiums and taxes for 12 months until December 2020. This support will continue for 18 months in the employment of women, youth and disabled people. A higher amount of premium support will be provided for employment in the manufacturing and IT sector.


– The government pays the 3-month wages of the employees for the reduced time of the employers who have to temporarily reduce the working time of the workplace. In other words, the employers who have to lay off workers due to the short-term work take over the labor costs for 3 months. Applications are made through İŞKUR.


– Employers with less than 500 employees during 2019 will receive 150.-TL per month, and employers employing more than 500 and 500 workers will receive a monthly minimum wage of 101. TL.


– Employers who pay SGK Premiums regularly will receive a 5-point discount.


– In addition to the 5-point discount of SSI premiums, which must be paid by the employer, in the 51 provinces with priority in development, a 6-point discount will be applied.


– On-the-Job Training Programs provide serious opportunities for employers and the unemployed.

– Trainees participating in On-the-Job Training Programs for 3 months,

– For 6 months in the manufacturing and IT industry,

– In strategic areas such as Cyber, Security, Coding, Renewable Energy, wages and insurance support will be provided by the State for 9 months. Child care support of female participants with children between the ages of 2-5 will also be provided by the government.


– Within the scope of Vocational Training and Skill Development Cooperation Project (MRGIP), 8 Professional training courses are organized up to the month. The state covers the wages and insurance premiums of the trainees.

Workshop on the feasibility support project titled “Ordu Mercantile Exchange Licensed Warehousing Services” presented to the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (EBSDA) by Ordu Commodity Exchange was held on 07.02.2019. The representatives of different institutions and organizations related to the hazelnut sector in our region attended the workshop.

With the project, to contribute to the studies on increasing the economic value of hazelnut product, which has significant strategic importance in the Black Sea Region and Ordu province, and the EU, EBSDA etc., which will be opened in this context. It is planned to be prepared in order to benefit from the incentives of the institutions. In the province of Ordu, a feasibility report will be prepared to identify the need for licensed warehousing in hazelnuts and the feasibility, sustainability and economic profitability of the licensed warehousing enterprise. Making the opening speech of the workshop, Ordu Commodity Exchange Chairman Ziver KAHRAMAN emphasized the following in his speech:

Our project titled “Ordu Mercantile Exchange Licensed Warehousing Services” is supported within the scope of “EBSDA Feasibility Support Program”. Licensed Warehousing has recently come to the fore as part of agricultural production and marketing. In the past, in 2012, it was tried in Ünye in our province and Düzce in the Western Black Sea, but it was not successful. It could not reach the desired potential established in Giresun. This concrete situation and examples “Is there a lack of feasibility in this area?” brought the question and possibility to our mind. Based on this point, we conducted a licensed warehouse feasibility study for our city. We conducted the study with a company called Karadeniz Consultancy, which is a professional in its field, and today we have come to the workshop point.

Licensed Warehousing has the objectives of keeping agricultural products together with a certain quality and keeping them together in a mass, eliminating the storage cost and risk of the product owner, and facilitating access to the product in situations such as excess supply or lack of supply. With Electronic Product Notes, abbreviated as ELÜS, the product is aimed to change hands without being displaced and gain significant value. Licensed Warehousing, whose name is frequently mentioned in the agricultural production, storage, marketing and sales process, will be on the agenda of the biggest Commodity Exchange in its region in terms of transaction volume, of course. We approach the issue as usual, not populist, rational and scientific. As a requirement of this approach, we prepare and implement projects at our local, national and international projects, which are created within our organization. Production and trade is the cycle of projects. It is inevitable that the results of every work done with traditional methods and manual procedures without producing projects are frustrating. Many institutions now offer project supports in almost every field with serious budgets. Efficient resources
We have to produce projects and shape the process accordingly.

This project we are carrying out; It does not have a binding meaning such as “We are installing a licensed warehouse in Ordu” or “We are not installing” Installing a Licensed Warehouse is a very high cost fixed investment. Making such a high-cost investment includes the necessity to use the resources effectively and efficiently. Here, we are trying to determine how to use scarce resources in the most effective way with this project we are currently working on. In this regard, we will reveal tangible data. Soon, we will talk about a number of hammocks that have emerged according to the project implementation result, and we can now talk about more concrete things from the stereotype of “There is no place for hypothesis where there are figures.”

Within the scope of the project, surveys were applied to public institutions, producers, traders and industrialists. Finally, a workshop was held where the surveys were evaluated and opinions were discussed, and the report preparation phase was started. The prepared report will be shared with the public, and the results will be evaluated by Ordu Commodity Exchange and the necessary actions will be taken.

The training program of the technical support project titled “Feasibility Report Preparation Training”, which was submitted to the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency by Ordu Commodity Exchange and prepared jointly with Ordu Governorship, has been completed between 05/11 / 2018-09 / 11/2018. 14 people from different institutions in our region completed their training and received their certificates.

Speaking about the subject, the Chairman of the Ordu Commodity Exchange Ziver KAHRAMAN;

“Feasibility reports are important in order to transfer incentives to the right and profitable sectors, to see the investors’ risks and to speed up the decision-making process. There is a project office in almost every institution within the province of Ordu. However, feasibility studies for the sectors that shape the provincial economy have almost not been prepared. Investors prepare projects directly and have to face the problems they face during the implementation process. The profitability rate is very low and it can be the subject of investments that will not bring profits to investors for a long time. In processes where feasibility reports should be prepared, institutions perform this process with service procurement, and this process is reflected in the institutions as excess cost and time loss. Although the transfer of scarce resources of our country to the correct and profitable sectors contributes to the companies on a micro-scale, it contributes to the economy of the country on a macro scale. For this reason, there is a need for qualified personnel who can prepare feasibility reports in the relevant units of the institutions. In this way, feasibility reports can be prepared in every field in the province, and time and cost can be saved. In this context, Ordu Commodity Exchange, which tries to take part in all kinds of activities that will contribute to the socio-economic development of the province and has responsibility on the development of the sector it serves, has prepared this project to train qualified personnel who can prepare a feasibility report in the province. At the end of the training, participants will be able to learn what qualities qualified feasibility should have, the answers that should be sought in good feasibility, and the technical, economical and financially necessary methods and examples in preparing feasibility. It will be possible to raise awareness on the relevant parties regarding the preparation of the feasibility report, which is the basis for the decisions to be taken regarding the realization of investment projects, and to increase the awareness of the critical points that are the basis for the evaluation while preparing the feasibility report. ” he said.

This press release was prepared within the scope of the “Feasibility Report Preparation Training” Project supported by the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency. The sole responsibility for the content lies with the Ordu Commodity Exchange and does not reflect the views of the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency.

Price stability is one of the most important indicators reflecting the state of macroeconomics. After 2002, Turkey has achieved a dramatic improvement in the financial and political stability along with price stability is ensured to fall to single-digit levels of inflation. With the effect of the unusual movements in the exchange rates recently, the inflation rate has increased again to double digits.

Increasing inflation adversely affects both our citizens with reduced purchasing power and our firms due to increased input costs and interest rates. In order to overcome all these problems, we find and support the Anti-Inflation Program prepared by our Ministry of Treasury and Finance and launched under the leadership of our Minister Mr. Berat Albayrak. Because, neither the public sector alone or the private sector alone can combat inflation. Responsibility and duty are ours. Fighting inflation is also fighting unemployment, high-interest rates, and rising input costs. The Turkish private sector, with our state, has a total stance and puts its hand under the stone. In this framework, TOBB and Chambers-Commodity Exchanges, as in every national issue, have common solidarity across the country in this regard. Our Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in 81 provinces and 160 districts embrace the fight against inflation and initiate work for the broadest participation of our companies. At this point, we would like to emphasize that the stronger support of this struggle is, the greater the effect will be. From the financial sector to the real sector, so our citizens from the public, we must engage the same goal as all of Turkey. If we all be one heart and one voice, we are sure that we will get results in the fight against inflation. We firmly believe that both our companies and our nation will participate in the broadest fight against inflation in the broadest way. As ORDU COMMODITY EXCHANGE, we request and welcome the support and participation of all our Chamber / Exchange members through our valuable press members. I believe that as the province of ORDU, we will show the necessary sacrifice and this economic struggle initiated for our country and nation will be at the forefront. With this strong coordination and consultation between the public and the private sector, we will leave behind this difficult process.

Yours truly

Chairman of the Board

Carried out by the stock exchange, Ordu Governorship, Ordu University, Altınordu Chamber of Agriculture, Italy TUSCIA University and the Spanish IRTA’s is a common “Analysis of the hazelnut production Traditional and Modern Applications entitled” Turkey and supported by the National Agency of 2-year closing of the project was held on September 28, 2018.

One of the outputs of the project, “Sample Hazelnut Farm”, was opened on 01.10.2018 with the participation of Ziver Kahraman, the President of Ordu Commodity Exchange and the Dean of Ordu University Faculty of Agriculture and faculty lecturers. Our Exchange Chairman Ziver Kahraman; “One of the most important outputs of my project is this garden. In this garden, we will show that it is possible to save hazelnut production from the traditional production habit. We will create the opportunity to apply all industrial and modern methods in hazelnut production in this garden, which is a prototype. ” said.

“Although we have closed the project we have implemented, our main goal with this garden is; We have put forward years of vision and vision regarding efficiency and quality improvement. Our exemplary garden will grow on a modern scale with other projects we will realize from now on and will become a model. ” “If we want to earn a lot, we have to sell a lot. In order to sell a lot, we have to produce a lot and quality. We will break the memorization. We must break the rote. We must earn a lot by producing a lot and quality and selling a lot. ” said. The Sample Farm, which is located behind the Ordu Campus of Ordu University, was created on a 5 decare of sloping land with a terracing method and a single branch method. Besides being an exemplary garden, the garden, which has a good application area, will come up with a brand new model in the direction of hazelnut planting when it reaches an era that will yield economically.

Ordu Commodity Exchange continues to produce projects that strengthen its corporate structure and add value to its city and country.

In the context of this belief and sensitivity, we are strongly against the economic calliper. We stand by our state for the benefit of our nation.

We are a strong and noble nation rooted in these lumps by establishing deep-rooted civilizations. We know how strategic the geography we live on is geopolitically and economically.

Our country is wanted by the US Imperialism to be economically clamped and collapsed. The day is the day of unity, leaving the separation aside, shifting all kinds of accounts and using the same language for the homeland. With this basic logic, we support the new economic model that started with the term “Bismillah” to be implemented by our government. We believe in the understanding of domestic and national production, management, consumption and life, and give full support. We do not have the luxury of suggesting “we should put our hands under the stone” on the edge. We will enter the nation under that stone. They came with their tanks yesterday. We, as the business world, stood upright again. We said we are with our state. We continued to manufacture, invest, export and provide employment. We even continued diligently. We declared mobilization to increase investment, employment, and exports. Today, they are attacking with economic instruments and we will invest again, we will provide employment again, and we will break records in exports. We fully support the practices that should be perceived as “Embargo for American Goods” by our government against the USA’s arrogance. We will not use American goods. Utilization will not. We will not use both American goods and those of those who do not dream well for these lands. We are ready to be in a total boycott mobilization, we exist. We will create, use, sell and grow our own brands.

We didn’t kneel, we won’t.

Yours truly

Ordu Commodity Exchange
Chairman of the Board

Ordu Commodity Exchange, which was established in 1936, continues to provide services without interruption and by increasing the transaction volume since its establishment. Ordu Commodity Exchange, which has adopted the principle of modern exchange, is an “Accredited Exchange” within the scope of the TOBB Accreditation System; It provides service at European standards and has created a traceability system for its service. The concept of the stock market is defined in the simplest terms as “Disciplined markets where many buyers and many sellers come together”. As a requirement of this general definition and contemporary stock market understanding, we are preparing to play “First Gong” in our sales hall, which will bring together the buyer and the seller at the date of the 2018 hazelnut season, by taking the first step within the scope of the “Sales Hall and Electronic Commerce Project”. Depending on when this system will be institutionalized within some Mercantile Exchange are available for different agricultural products in Turkey. It can be applied in the form of “Auction” especially in “cut floristry” and “fresh vegetable and fruit” sectors.

We will work with our members, producers and all our stakeholders in order to establish this system, which will be a first in the hazelnut industry, by taking advantage of the “Grain Market” culture of our city. We will bring the buyer and seller together with the principle of publicity and objectivity and bring together supply and demand in the disciplined market. In this way, the “Market Price”, which is constantly pronounced, will be formed with an indispensable reality. Thanks to this system, which will eliminate unfounded and heavy accusations especially about stock exchanges and stock market members, our producers will appreciate their products and will have the opportunity and ground to set a price and negotiate for their products. After this first step of our project, which started with the sales hall, we rolled up our sleeves for investment that will enable hazelnut trading in the electronic environment, which we have conceptualized as “e-hazelnut”. In other words, we will carry the stock exchange to the electronic environment and create a buyer and seller parcel for the whole world. We believe that the system, which will spread throughout the process and will be institutionalized according to the need and demand, will bring good value to the sector. We are neither in the heedlessness of rediscovering America nor claiming to have a magic wand in our hands… We are in search of ways to eliminate the problems experienced in hazelnuts, especially price-oriented, in a way that does not allow speculation and manipulation claims for our country and region realities. We will continue to be in touch and face to face with the public in this new process, which we believe will bring good benefits to the distinguished members of our exchange with our stakeholders, who are our producers, and our product representatives.

Yours truly

Ordu Commodity Exchange
Chairman of the Board

Our project titled “Examination of Traditional and Modern Applications in Hazelnut Production” prepared by Ordu Commodity Exchange Project Office and submitted to the Directorate of European Union Education and Youth Programs, 2016 Erasmus + Main Action 2 (KA2) Vocational Education has been accepted within the scope of Strategic Partnerships, and has been implemented since 2016 and has been going on for two years. The project in question in Italy in 2017, and the hazelnut industry has seen over hazelnut production in Turkey and Spain were examined every aspect of the country.

Following the examination of all aspects of the hazelnut industry in each country, a two-stage training was organized by Ordu University Faculty of Agriculture Faculty Members in order to spread the examples of good practice in our country. The first of the training was directed to farmers on 25.07.2018, hosted by the Altınordu Chamber of Agriculture. The second stage of the training was given to Agricultural Engineers and Agricultural consultants hosted by Ordu University on 01.08.2018. In this context, it is aimed to reach the farmers who could not attend the first education through agricultural consultants and agricultural engineers. Along with the training, training on gardening, pruning, irrigation, spraying, pesticides and pests was given and the current situation in other countries was shared. Certificates were given at the end of the training to the technical team consisting of the District Agricultural Chambers, District Agricultural Directorates of Ordu, some Agricultural Chambers located in the Giresun region and the participants working in Fiskobirlik.

Ordu Commodity Exchange Parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, April 01, 2018, between 09.00-16.00, under the supervision of the Altınordu District Election Board, in the Ordu Commodity Exchange service building. The list of the current President Ziver KAHRAMAN became the winner of the elections by receiving 220 of the 307 voters. While it was reported that the stock exchange history was the first election with the highest number of candidates, Ziver KAHRAMAN, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ordu Commodity Exchange, made a speech.

Speech by Ziver KAHRAMAN:

Dear members!
My dear friends!
My dear friends!

We are experiencing this honor and joy once again with your trust and favor. I thank each of you individually, I say goodbye. This prestigious institution, which we have been the manager of the last period, takes its strength and trust from its members, each of whom is a value. As in the past, we will continue to take our strength from you from now on. We will determine our road map with what we receive from you and we will spend our energy on you again. We had a choice, it’s over. This is the result. We voted our preferences in a democratic environment by putting forward the most robust example of democracy and the result is our free will. No matter which side we used our free will, competition and race have ended after the ballot box opened, unity, togetherness and friendship have begun. We do not see elections as competition or struggle. This is a relay race. It is a service race. As you know, we do not have any financial gain, we provide a free service on a voluntary basis, so this is a heart business. It is not possible to break the heart or set the heart in the works done with the heart. There is a period in front of us, the pages of which have never been opened, and tonight we are with you on the verge of this new era. Our projects are ready for this new period and our projects we shared many of them with tracks. He has no thesis from tomorrow, his arms roll up and we continue where we left off. It is not possible to thank our esteemed members, our heartfelt friends, who open their doors and hearts to us without saying support, snow, rain and mud in the remaining period and in our selection process.

My dear friends,

Even though there is a lot to be said, I would like to express my gratitude and gratitude, saying, “Day is the day of work, not the day of saying,” and I wish God to be our helper and help in this path we will walk together.

Be there!

Having the need to renew our strategic plan to determine its vision and mission, medium and long-term goals, basic principles and policies, goals and priorities, performance criteria and the distribution of resources to be used with the methods to achieve them; In this context, in 2017, our exchange presented a project titled “Strategic planning in corporatization with added value” to EBSDA by the Project Office. As a result of the work carried out within the scope of the project supported by EBSDA, our Strategic Plan covering the period 2018-2021 was created. As the basic elements in the process of preparing a Strategic Plan; the principle of member-oriented work, the motivation and success of the employees of the organization, primarily the product-service quality, on which cultural change lies; Considering the critical success factors for “outcome”, corporate goals and vision have been determined.

Yours truly

Chairman of the Board

Supports the “Olive Branch Movement” initiated by the Turkish Armed Forces, our Hero Army, on 20 January 2018 for Afrin; we incite power and victory from Allah to our armed forces. The movement that started and continues with a decision and determination to eliminate all the separatist terrorist chambers that have been targeting our borders and integrity for a long time has become an imperative for our country.

Although it has been expressed with patience and patience in all international platforms, responsible and competent authorities, especially our president, that the threats to our country integrity are not compromised and patiently, this insistence and patience have not been understood correctly by the imperialist powers trying to design the developments in the region. Mr. President said, “One night may come suddenly” at every opportunity to draw attention to the gravity of the situation, but unfortunately this and all other warnings are not perceived as we desire. In this strategic conjuncture, our hero army has once again rolled up with the understanding of that “Peace at Home, Peace in the World” will be possible by protecting our existence.

Our country is going through a critical period. “Treacherous July 15 uprising” thoroughly after coming to Turkey to weaken the policy strings to bring the same beliefs came together under the same flag of the Turkish nation, is a civilian and military, homeland defence reflex has spent his life. We would also like to publicly state that we are proud of our reflex to meet immediately to protect our national unity and solidarity. Peace, tranquillity and democracy of the Turkish Armed Forces in the region for the sake of our state. Even the nose of Mehmetçi, whose “Olive Branch Movement” initiated in order to bring it to life, is completed as intended, and invites everyone who eats the bread of this country and drinks its water in this sensitive period, and invites everyone to eat in the ranks of our country and become a prayer for them.

Yours truly

Chairman of the Board

ERASMUS + KA2 titled “Examination of Traditional and Modern Applications in Hazelnut Production” prepared by the Ordu Commodity Exchange project office and submitted to the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programs Center. Spanish Mobility, which has a mobility activity, was held on October 22-28, 2017 under the coordination of our project partner IRTA. Spain, acting on, our partners’ governorship of Ordu in Turkey, Ordu University and the Golden Chamber of Agriculture, Tuscia University in Italy and the Ordu Mercantile Exchange as the project coordinator, joined a delegation composed of representatives of institutions and farmers.

The one-week program covers the study of all stages of hazelnut farming in Spain, from production to trade. The delegation participating in the program had an idea about the studies of the Research Institute at the first stage, came together with the farmers and saw the practices regarding hazelnut farming on site. The producers’ associations in the cities of Tarragona and Girona in Spain were visited and information on how the hazelnut trade works were obtained. In addition, the program was completed on the last day by a workshop hosted by IRTA. Ordu University Agriculture Program A report will be prepared with the support of the Faculty of Horticulture and will be made available to all sections on the project website.

This project, which is prepared within the scope of strategic partnership for vocational education and training, focuses on improving the professional capacities of farmers with the sharing of new technologies and good practices on an international scale in order to increase quality and efficiency. along with the project, Turkey, Italy, and formed a strategic alliance between Spain, it made the move to the international dimension of the studies and best practices, technology and effectively reduced farmers’ agricultural production sharing mechanism will be provided. At the end of the project, with the support of academicians, a book that contains innovative approaches to the sector and which is translated into 4 languages evaluating the sector as a whole and a sample garden built on five decades of land will be created.

Our project titled “Examination of Traditional and Modern Applications in Hazelnut Production” prepared by the Ordu Commodity Exchange project office and submitted to the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programs, 2016 Erasmus + Main Action 2 (KA2 Vocational Education has been accepted within the scope of Strategic Partnerships and has been implemented since 2016. The poster presentation prepared with the Italian, Spanish and Turkish partners of the project in question was entitled to be presented at the 8th International Hazelnut Congress held in Chile and the 8th in Samsun this year. The congress in question is every It is held every four years in a different country. More than 150, hazelnut cultivation, diseases, harvest periods, marketing, etc. in the congress, which took place on 15-19 / August / 2017 in Samsun this year, was attended by academicians, researchers and farmers from 17 different countries. presentations were made on subjects. The 10th International Hazelnut Congress is planned to be held in America in 2021.

In our poster presentation, the outcomes of the international workshop held on 09.06.2017 along with the activities of our project so far and the expected results are included. Our Chairman of the Board; In the congress that he personally participated in, Mr. Ziver Kahraman said, “The presentation of our project in an international congress with a high participation rate, and the increase in the awareness of our project by all parties of the hazelnut, thus increasing the quality and efficiency-oriented works; It is thought that the cooperation of universities and NGOs will increase and contribute to the realization of projects with high sustainability. In such scientific congresses, it is of great importance that NGOs, industry and Universities take place together, and it is instrumental in the progress of studies on a solid basis and result oriented. This project, which aims to increase the yield and quality of hazelnuts, takes place in an international scientific congress is important for the sustainability of the studies. ” said.

The 4th of the “Ordu Commodity Exchange Consultation Meeting”, which has become a tradition, was held on 09.06.2017. In addition to the intense participation of our members, our province governor Mr. İrfan BALKANLIOĞLU and the members of the protocol also attended the event, and our chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Ziver KAHRAMAN, made the opening speech.

In the speech of our chairman;

“I greet you respectfully on behalf of myself, my institution, my councilors, our employees and our members. We are proud and happy to be carrying out the fourth of our traditional “Consultation with Members Meeting” and to come to your presence once more. May my Lord accept the fasts we hold and keep. I wish that our unity, health and peace do not spoil, I welcome you all. Welcome, sir!

Our precious guests;

Unfortunately, very painful things have happened in our country and geography since the last day I addressed this tribune to you. Our country was tried to be weakened and weakened by coup attempts, terrorist acts and economic attacks. The process we are going through and going through is no doubt, quite tough. We are going through a period that will leave a mark on history, our dear guests. We need more unity and solidarity during this period. The biggest proof of what we can achieve if we are in unity and solidarity; On the night of July 15, 2016, we had the national spray of that treacherous attempt. It is my duty to offer my gratitude to our heroic veterans while commemorating our civil, military and police citizens martyred in these treacherous events and other terrorist events. May Allah not ruin our unity and solidarity, our dear guests.

With the popular vote held on April 16, 2017, we said “Yes” to the constitutional amendment and the transition to the President’s Government System with the highest participation in our history. May this preference of our nation, which is the sole owner of the national will, be beneficial to our country in every aspect. Another important aspect of the current year for us; It is the year of choice of rooms and exchanges, dear guests. In this context, as Ordu Commodity Exchange – if Allah permits, we will make our elections in the fall and select the members who will serve in our stock exchange for four years, and provide organ formations. We strongly believe that the elections will pass in a democratic race perception.

Just as in the April 16 People’s Voting, I hope that we have the highest participation and democratic election. We, those before us, and those who will come after us, have served and will benefit the interests of you, our valued members, and our country on a voluntary basis, because this is a race of service. I hope that our election results will bring good luck to our community and our country.

Our valuable members;

What we have done and what we intended by condemning the trick of “Ingenuity is subject to compliment”, now I want to share with you in general terms. – Special discounts are applied when you are treated at any private hospital in your neighborhood or city, with a “member ID cards” issued by each member or a document to be issued by our exchange. With the special agreements we have made with these hospitals, we have ensured that our stock exchange members and family members benefit from discounted health services and we also follow up.

Health is the biggest treasure.

– The low interest “TOBB Breath Loan” created in Ziraat Bank and Denizbank with the collateral of our stock exchange was explained to you, our esteemed members, and the majority of our members also benefited from this loan. The “Operating Certificate”, which is one of the documents required for the use of breath credit, was issued to your bank branch free of charge, and the bureaucracy was reset by us. As you know, our esteemed members immediately informed us about the problems that arise in both the bank branches and the more central units such as the Credit Guarantee Fund during the loan application and utilization phase, and we have resolved these problems as soon as possible, with strong lobbying activities. We have used the benefits we received from you to the extent permitted by the legislation, and we will continue to use them.

– We have informed our esteemed members quickly and effectively about the loans given by KOSGEB, provided consultancy services in the loan application, follow-up and subsequent stages, and we will continue to provide services in this field.

– As the Ordu Commodity Exchange, we paid attention to the awareness of taking the services of our stock exchange to the feet of you, our valued members, and applied it with precision. While we consider our valued members as our colleagues and we bring all kinds of services to our esteemed members with a team we have assigned, we have made the most up-to-date information face to face and quickly and will continue to do so. We did not put any vehicle between us and our valued members. We have reached you whenever you need and we have used all our energy in this direction and we continue to use it. We have not excused any obstacles in order to reach you.

-We delivered and follow up all kinds of information that will facilitate the commercial lives of our valued members, especially price communication, and through many communication channels, and we continue to do so.

– We have announced and continue to announce to you and the public through many communication channels that will contribute to the commercial life, create foresight, and again, through many communication channels.

Our exchange, which has adopted the principle of working with the principle of transparency and publicity, creates, stores and shares all kinds of data that its members need.

– We have become an institution that can write and execute projects with our Project Office created within our stock exchange. We pay attention to making projects that emphasize quality and efficiency in hazelnut. And our project titled “Investigation of Modern and Traditional Practices in Hazelnut Production”, which was supported by the European Union funds we opened in March will be completed in 2018 with a modern and garden design. With our project that we have foreign partners such as Italy and Spain, applications in countries that are our competitors in hazelnut production and trade will be observed closely and our sample garden will be created with these principles. As Ordu Commodity Exchange, we have taken and are taking decisive and confident steps in valuing hazelnut, which is the strongest economic item for our city and our country.

– Hazelnut is a product that cannot be substituted for our country, region and province, and we are a “Single Gun” in its production and trade. Hazelnuts have the highest share of our agricultural product exports. Regarding aflatoxin, which is the biggest problem in exports; A very brutal method was imposed, such as the destruction of the aflatoxin product. However, hazelnuts are not homogeneous and many different results can be obtained in many analyzes. With our lobbying at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock on this issue, we ensured that aflatoxin parties were selected and exported by being analyzed many times instead of being destroyed.

Although hazelnut is very important for us, we do not ignore other sectors, of course, our valuable guests. We have provided and continue to provide accurate, up-to-date, effective information to our members by providing information and training on “Food Health and Safety and Animal Diseases” for our members in another quoted item, “Live Animal and Meat Trade”.

With the “Foreign Trade Intelligence Unit” that we have created within our stock exchange, we will make our members who want to export or export in future periods to export to many points of the world without competing against each other.

Besides that, we did not lag behind the programs that are being carried out on a national basis and we put our whole body under the stone. As you know, we have informed each of you individually about the National Employment Mobilization.

-In the scope of the Vocational Education and Employment Campaign created within the scope of the National Employment Mobilization, which was announced in the whole country, the infrastructure was established to establish a protocol with İŞKUR and to provide İŞKUR’s services to you, our valued members, at a point of contact in our exchange.

Within the scope of the “Professional Competence and Certification” works shortened as MEYBEM, our “Professional Standardization” which we have promised you, that is, our works, bringing some standards to the profession of the merchant, continues without losing its violence. You admit that such things are “Structural.” In other words, it is resolvable under the auspices of the central authority, therefore; Due to the rapid change in the priorities of the central authority, our demands can be answered late. But sooner or later we will get a result from this work. In the past years, we organized a series of events to bring our members closer to the financial sector and the university. Our vision has never changed. On the contrary, it has evolved.

– Following our activity under the title of “Financial Literacy”, we signed a low-interest loan protocol with Ziraat Bank for our members and you, our esteemed members, also benefited from these loans. Access to finance is one of the most important arguments of commercial life, our valuable members, that is why; We ensure that you, our esteemed members, are informed about all kinds of possibilities quickly and accurately at the point of access to finance, big and small.

– In order to strengthen the link between the university and the sector, we definitely include our university in our projects and studies. We put forward this vision with the “Search for New Products Using Honey and Hazelnuts in the Context of University-Industry Cooperation” that we have carried out in the past years and we were in cooperation with our university in our stakeholder workshop titled “Combating Agricultural Frost in Hazelnut”. In this context, we attach great importance to University-Industry Cooperation.

Dear guests, our valuable members;

Ordu Commodity Exchange is a well-established and experienced institution that is referred to with hazelnut and constitutes 95% of its trading volume. As you know, the hazelnut industry is a first since 2009 and changes based on this principle have been experienced. As one of the institutions in the heart of these changes, we will create visions for the future and realize them one by one in order to understand the process correctly and institutionalize the hazelnut trade in accordance with free-market requirements. The definition of the stock exchange is “The gathering of many buyers and many sellers in disciplined venues”. As Ordu Commodity Exchange, we made, do and do whatever moves and what action to take within the context of the modern stock exchange.

Our precious guests;

Turkey, nuts, though still a leader in the production and trade, which is now also clear that we need to taçlandırma our value-added products with high market dominance. Today, exporting to over 100 countries and approximately $ 3 billion in export revenue of Turkey is no longer R & D and P & D-oriented, able to high value-added and competitive strength must come to dominate the market with high-quality products. We have to put forward “national vision and moves” in obtaining high value-added final products. Now it is necessary to close the so-called “National Product” period for hazelnuts, to be officially declared as a National Product and behave in the same way as a national product, depending on the strategic features of hazelnut production and trade. In doing so, we must first be in unity and solidarity. We care about the technological infrastructure and we focus on this area in order to increase our service quality. In our service focuses, we give you faster, quality and various services by paying the utmost attention to the necessary technological innovations.

Ordu Commodity Exchange of Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Accreditation System is an institution accredited scope. This means that our dear members; If it serves you, it makes sense with you, your institution, you are serving in the European Union countries and five-star service. Today, a stock exchange in the UK provides the same standard of service, regardless of which standard it serves. As Ordu Commodity Exchange, we have carefully evaluated all kinds of reactions from you and determined our road map regarding these reactions, and we will continue to move forward with you in a modern stock market understanding. I would like to thank you once more for your support and belief in your presence with my most heartfelt feelings. You believed in us, you trusted, thank you, be there, God bless you all. I would like to emphasize once again that we have to spread the benefits of technology in hazelnut, which is our most basic economic commodity, at every stage. We have to adopt technology-intensive production at every stage from production to export. The transfer of production and trade with traditional methods is now over, and the result of insisting on traditional methods is that the market share has shrunk and eventually disappeared.

Our precious guests, our dear members;

As we said yesterday, we are at the same point today and say the same things. We are for consensus and cooperation. In our attitude and language, there has been and will not be a fight and conflict. Without a council who has come to power with the election, we openly accept that there will be those who want us as much as those who want us, but there has never been and never will be such a distinction for our understanding of service. We are open to criticism in every period and every subject, and we continue to be open, we do not settle for anybody, and we do not want anyone to settle for us. We give our blessing, please you give your blessing. May my Lord be pleased with all of you.

We live in a beautiful city, dear guests! We live in harmony in a beautiful and peaceful city, a thousand thanks to our Lord. According to the last census, our total population has been measured as 750 thousand 588 people and according to the previous census, there has been a population increase of approximately 3%. Our hope; It is the reversal of the immigration phenomenon, which is the fortune of our city, and the children of this city are now returning and can live here. These lands are ours, our valuable participants, our ancestors, our roots in those villages and those cemeteries surrounded by hazelnut gardens in these villages. It is our wish and effort that the life that flows with the longing of the desire in the hands of the expatriate is not the death of the dead, but the resurrection of these lands and the ability to live in these lands and live. “Geography is destiny,” said Ibn-i Haldun, and we, with the awareness of the hardness and fate of this geography, have lived stubbornly and will continue to live. Persistent to all malevolent people, dividers, and traitors, we will prefer to live by producing in feelings of brotherhood, and we will be enriched by producing. Economic growth and development is the only way to become a permanent power in the world, our valuable members. Turkey, which has potentials will convert to more success stories with hard-working and ambitious entrepreneurs like you. I wholeheartedly believe that all members of the Ordu Commodity Exchange located in this hall and not present themselves are a success story. I also know how difficult conditions and high risk you trade. I congratulate you once again for your heroism, and I want to applaud your feet. Good thing you are! The most auspicious people touch the people, dear guests. I would like to thank my sincere and sincere thanks to the administrative and administrative chiefs and units who have established this peace and security environment in our metropolitan city, once again in your presence.

Dear guests, our dear members;

Forgive us if we have been driving these four years together. In this four-year period, I express my gratitude to you, our esteemed members, who hold us together in unity and solidarity, who embraced us in their brotherhood relations, for their sincere efforts. I ask Allah to give you the opportunity and opportunity to work with you again and again for longer years and in brotherhood. May Allah not disturb our unity, vitality, brotherhood and peace. I present to you all my deepest love and deepest respect. Goodbye!”

Erasmus + Main Action 2 (KA2, 2016) titled “Examination of Traditional and Modern Applications in Hazelnut Production” prepared by the Ordu Commodity Exchange project office and submitted to the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programs. ) Technical meeting of our Vocational Training Strategic Partnership project was held on 29.03.2017 / Wednesday and an opening meeting was held on 30.03.2017 / Thursday.

The second leg of the Turkey Project Mobility Program will be held between 05-09 June 2017. The project owned by our exchange has 6 partners with our exchange, two of which are foreign and three are domestic; At the end of the project implementation period of 2 years, a 5-acre hazelnut orchard will be established. Sample garden visits will be held with institutions and organizations in the hazelnut sector within the scope of the mobility, which started with the arrival of our Spanish partner IRTA producer association and our Italian partner TUSCIA University with a total of 16 visitors.

Our Chairman of the Board addressed the guests at the event, which started with the meeting program on our exchange on 05.06.2017 at 09.30.

“Our institution’s project manager will make a presentation about the project which is the reason for you to be here, so I will not go into the project details but I want to say this much; The main purpose of this project is to share good practices in hazelnut production for mutual interaction. Currently, most nuts produced in countries around the world, in Turkey, and Turkey, and You are the most nuts produced in the city, you are in the Ordu. Turkey’s hazelnut production in our city providing about 30%, because you are happy to welcome you.

I want to give you some information about the Ordu Commodity Exchange. Ordu Commodity Exchange was established in 1936 and has been providing uninterrupted service since its establishment. In Turkey, a stockbroker, and shaped according to their own peculiar dynamics, it is quite effective.

The main field of activity of the Ordu Commodity Exchange is nuts. As soon as hazelnut is placed on the market by the producer, our process begins. We record all kinds of products such as shelled hazelnuts, inner and processed, finished and semi-finished products in every commercial meaning. You can follow each hazelnut coming to the market until it reaches the consumer and we are an institution that keeps statistics such as price, quantity, and calibre. Commodity Exchanges get their powers from the law. They were established in order to do business for the benefit of those who manufacture and trade the products that they operate on the principles set by this law.

You are currently in hazelnut production Commodity Exchanges in Turkey Situated in the oldest and most traded stock with a volume of guests, partner with your project. I once again express my happiness for sharing our experiences with you and benefiting from your experiences. I wish you 5 full days in this project to be useful for all of us. I congratulate you with the belief that all project partners will achieve the maximum benefit when our project is concluded, and I welcome you again. ”

Ordu Commodity Exchange
Chairman of the Board

Our project titled “Examination of Traditional and Modern Applications in Hazelnut Production” prepared by Ordu Commodity Exchange Project Office and submitted to the Directorate of European Union Education and Youth Programs, 2016 Erasmus + Main Action 2 (KA2 ) It was entitled to receive grant support from 287 projects submitted within the scope of Vocational Training Strategic Partnerships by taking part in 11 project proposals accepted within the scope of “Vocational Training Strategic Partnerships for the Change of Good Practices”.

The project in question in Italy, a strategic partnership was established the Ordu Commodity Exchange of Turkey between Spain and Turkey, Ordu Governorship, Ordu University and the Golden Chamber of Agriculture, Italy from Tuscia University, Spain IRTA Research Institute project partners. This project, which is prepared within the scope of strategic partnership for vocational education and training, focuses on improving the professional capacities of farmers with the sharing of new technologies and good practices on an international scale in order to increase quality and efficiency.

Along with the project, Turkey, studies by creating a strategic partnership between Italy and Spain will be moved to the international dimension and best practices, technology and effectively reduced farmers’ agricultural production sharing mechanism will be provided. At the end of the project, with the support of academics, a book that contains innovative approaches to the sector and is translated into 4 languages evaluating the sector as a whole and a sample garden built on five decares of land will be created.

Ordu Commodity Exchange
Chairman of the Board

We curse the low terrorist attack in Istanbul Ortaköy, which finds blood in the first minutes of 2017, with hope and good wishes, targeting our unity and security. Terrorism has no language, religion, race, sect and is not a local problem. If there is terrorism, there is a serious threat and this threat is for the whole world. Responding and fighting terrorism is not just a responsibility and/or imperative for the geography we live in. The whole world needs to take a stance against terrorism on the same front and with the same severity. We do not want the murder of innocent people in Anatolia, which is the cradle of civilizations, by committing mass murder by traitors. We want to live in a country/world that produces, creates values, and is happier and livable with culture, art and economy.

In order to condemn these brutal acts of treacherous terrorist organizations and the treacherous foci that support them, we have to be in unity and solidarity against these acts of disrupting our unity and solidarity. They want us to come to provocation and run towards the bog they want to drag the country.

They will not!
They will not split!
They will not be finished!

Like yesterday, it will win common sense today. Terrorist organizations will drown in the blood they spill. From this nightmare we live in, we will wake up deeply in unity and solidarity.

This is the day of unity against terrorism.

Yours truly

Ordu Commodity Exchange
Chairman of the Board

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