1st Hazelnut Council

1st Hazelnut Council
PLACE: Ankara / DATE: 12 October 1936


Opening Speech of the Minister of Economy at Hazelnut Congress:

Dear Sirs,

Hazelnut is a national product with an important place among the export items in our country. It is the main means of subsistence of our people in a crowded and beautiful part of our country. As a result, I invited you here to examine the phases it has undergone, starting from its employment and until it became obscene.

I would like to thank each of you separately for accepting and running this important business. All the relevant chambers participated in the congress. Only the Trabzon room does not have an agent here, I would note this very important.

I would especially like to bring a point to one point among our issues that we will examine in a series. It is the part of the treatment between the villager and the merchant, especially the loan and loan transactions. One point that I also benefit from is that today’s meeting is not a policy crop in terms of today’s prices. I have said on several occasions that the value of our export items should be valued. I found it useful to extract the same idea once again: The trade agreement policy we pursued facilitated the sale of our goods and the mutual exchange development that is allowed in some countries. demand for our goods ratio of arttırmıştır. We, on principle, agree that Turkey is not only the quality of exports, prices as well should not distinguish themselves in international markets for the future. The production of the stage up to that consumer, starting from the first stage of working style of our rationalizing and minimizing our cost price this way, quality Apart from that, we want to ensure the cheapness, which is the biggest element of competition and success. To say this is not to pour our waste products at the expense of destroying them and to reduce the earnings that the producer needs to continue to live and work. This is the gain we are most jealous of and want to increase and arbitrate through rationalization. Our export merchant should take into account our exchange status in various countries, and consider working as a national assignment to provide the price that will be required by the mutual trading situation by considering all the elements that give rise to the price. The more mistake it is to try to impose a price on our buyers by taking advantage of any situation, the more faulty it is to sell the cheaper by neglecting the elements that will give the body more affordable price for some exchange terms. Require to work according to price. There are those who are traders, those who are traders, industrial ones. We are of the opinion that your interests are not separate and that we are jointly in terms of the national economy. It makes equally important duties for all foreigners who settled in this country, comply with the national economy requirements of this country and serve this country with their capital and knowledge and appreciate the crops of the country.

Another thing I want to say is this:

Some people think that we want to criticize sales. This is completely wrong. One of the biggest results and goals of the rationalizing war that we want to generalize as soon as possible is the sale of this kind. These individuals benefit from the lack of agency, the need for credit, and destroy the country’s economy at prices that are more than one another, confident that they can buy goods at the price they want. We all know how much trouble our country’s sons and genuine merchant class are facing this situation. Those who want to continue in this bad situation will no longer have the opportunity to live in this country. Organization of the producer does not mean the decrease in the number of exporter merchants. On the contrary, the increase of an exporter class loyal to national consciousness in our country is one of our goals and biggest needs. Let me do our words:

The goal of our goal and our gathering is to examine rational ways of working together and to identify the contractors and deficiencies that prevent such work. Our thoughts and concerns are never frontal. We will consider both the trader and the trader with the same interest and affection, and we will seek the form and condition that will ensure their best interests. Our policy is to exploit our policy and certain conditions in external sales prices, nor to employ the elements that give rise to the price of certain economic conditions. I happily learned that our chocolate industry representatives are among you. I would like to thank them for their relevance and recommend their efforts to make hazelnut products Turkish export specialty. Now I will leave you to work with your consent. For this, I would like you to choose two chief presidents, one among the traders and one among the preparations, leaving the leadership sheriff in me. There is another aspect that I will add, assuming that it will increase your enthusiasm for work: A feeling of distant past makes these meetings a fruitless blend of results. You can be sure that your decisions will be taken into consideration with considerable attention and that the thesis will be accrued by hand.

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