The Training of the Feasibility Report Preparation

The Ordu Commodity Exchange, which dedicates to take part in all kinds of activities that will contribute to the socio-economic development of the province and has responsibility for the development of the sector it serves, has prepared this project to train qualified person, who can capacity preparing a feasibility report in the province. Within the scope of the training, the participants will learn what the eligible feasibility report should have specifications, the answers that should be sought in the eligible feasibility, and the essential methods in terms of technical, economical and financially. The training will provide raising awareness on the necessity of the feasibility report, which constitutes the basis for the decision that making the investment projects, on the related parties. At the same time, the training raises the consciousness of the crucial points, which should be concentrated, while preparing the feasibility report.

Surplus Value Strategic Plan in Institutionalization

In accordance with the Law No. 5018, the law number 5174, which is liable to the institution, and particularly the TOBB-Accreditation Standards, within the scope of development plans, programs and other related legislation, the plan increases the future performance of the Ordu Commodity Exchange, increases its efficiency, creates its future missions and visions, strategic goals. Additionally, the plan measures their performances in line with pre-determined indicators by determining measurable targets, to make monitoring and evaluations. The plan includes taking 10 days of professional consultancy service in order to realize the strategic plan work with participatory methods.

R&D Training in Food Manufacturing Sector in Ordu

Our aim, as Ordu Commodity Exchange, is to provide our industrialists in Ordu with R&D awareness and to produce new products with high added value in order to benefit from the hazelnut sector that we are the leader.

Quality Hazelnut Farming & Cultivation

Hazelnut Farming & Cultivation in Turkey goes back a long way. Hazelnut production contributes significantly to the country’s economy and continues to be the traditional export products.

Examination of Traditional and Modern Applications in Hazelnut Production

The project offers to create a strategic partnership between Italy, Spain and Turkey in order to allow to share the good practices in the hazelnut sector.

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